“An educated Malawian girl has high earning potential, enjoys good health, she is less likely to marry as a teenager, has fewer children, less likely to be a victim of gender based violence, more likely to educate her children and be productive to the community and the country at large.”

Organization Strategic Objectives

  1. Building a grass root network of girls/women and boy/men who can stand up and fight social injustices and defend their rights of girls and women and raise the profile of girls and women in their communities.
  2. Creating spaces where girls meet and discuss about their issues and explore collective solutions. This include sexual reproductive issues (HIV/Aids, family planning etc)
  3. Improving level of participation, coordination and networking between grassroots girls and young women, their organizations and civil society organizations in order to build increased support for girls and young women's issues.
  4. Ensuring that legislation, laws, policies and programmes are gender sensitive and supportive to women's rights and human rights
  5. Developing the skills and competencies of women to reach decision-making levels in all spheres.
  6. Promoting social awareness of women's issues and their rights, and dismantle common stereotypes of women and their role in society.
  7. To promoting the role of community leaders in creating supportive environment for girls and women development.