"4. Strengthening the voices of adolescents to demand and utilize Sexual Reproduction Health and Rights." is now your active project.

“An educated Malawian girl has high earning potential, enjoys good health, she is less likely to marry as a teenager, has fewer children, less likely to be a victim of gender based violence, more likely to educate her children and be productive to the community and the country at large.”


The project aims at addressing harmful traditional practices, beliefs and practices surrounding purberty, childbirth and delivery, low status of girls and women and cultural factors that have serious negative implications for adolescent girls’ ability to make and live by their sexual and reproductive choices and girls’ ability to access their sexual and reproductive rights.

The goal of this project is to contribute to the improvement of health status of marginalized adolescents.

The purpose of this project is to increase access and utilization of quality reproductive health care and services by strengthening the capacity of adolescents and rural communities to play an active role in achieving improved adolescent health and building the capacity of rural health providers to provide adolescents friendly sexual health services and care.

Participants: Adolescent girls