“An educated Malawian girl has high earning potential, enjoys good health, she is less likely to marry as a teenager, has fewer children, less likely to be a victim of gender based violence, more likely to educate her children and be productive to the community and the country at large.”

Support An Adolescent Girl Today

Support with:

  • $20 to purchase 2 sets of re-usable sanitary pads to keep one adolescent girl in school for the whole year. Most girls stay out of classroom during their monthly periods because they cannot afford and sustain disposable sanitary pads and therefore cannot take care of themselves.
  • $50 to pay for education materials (school bag, uniform, notebook and pens) for a poor adolescent girl or a survivor of child marriage for a year and change her destiny forever.
  • $100 to pay for family planning lesson for 40 adolescent girls to prevent unplanned pregnancies and reduce school dropout due to early pregnancy and early marriage.
  • $50 to pay for 1 mentoring session for 40 girls.
  • $100 to pay for HIV/AIDS prevention life skills session for 40 girls and reduce their vulnerability to HIV transmission. Girls between 10-19 years are six times more vulnerable to HIV infections than boys in the same age category.
  • $100 to purchase for nutrition supplement to HIV positive children and adolescent girls.
  • $1000 to run an advocacy campaign to end child marriage in one rura

Bank transfer

We are happy to receive donations directly to GENET bank account


Bank account details

Beneficiary: Girls Empowerment Network
Account number: 0200607113
Bank name: First Merchant Bank LTD, Blantyre, Malawi.
Swift code: FMERMWMW
USD A/C NO: 36154853
Correspondence bank:
CITIBANK N.A., New York,
111 Wall Street,
ABA Routing Number:0211000089